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Author Topic: Bug Posting Guidelines  (Read 3454 times)
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roflmao Offline
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« on: September 28, 2009, 11:23:10 pm »

Bug Posting Guidelines

1. Save the replay when you find a bug

A lot of bugs get closed by the dev team without being fixed because of the lack of a replay. We (the dev team) appreciate it when you take the time to log a bug, and we hate to have to close your bug and mark it as 'wont fix' because you didn't upload a replay with it in action. Sometimes the replay is not necessary but a lot of times it is. Attaching replays to the bugs you post makes it easier for all of us to nuke the bug.

2. Be specific

Simply saying X thing 'doesn't work' is a good way to make sure your bug doesn't get fixed. Be specific and make detailed reports explaining in what way that thing doesn't work.
"AP rounds on the 57mm doesn't work" is not a good bug report. Does the ability get activated but without any effect? Or does clicking the button do nothing? Is the button even there? etc etc etc. This information is crucial for us to be able to identify the problem and nuke it.

3. No "I think" reports

If you are going to report a bug make sure the bug actually exists. Saying "I think this is a bug, but I'm not too sure", maybe it was a balance change released in the last patch" is a good way to get your bug ignored.

4. No balance discussions

Title speaks for itself. Balance discussions just create extra clutter and make it harder for us to identify what the problem really is.

5. One bug per thread

If you are reading a bug thread and you have a bug you want to report do not post in the same thread, create a new one. Posting "extra" bugs inside threads won't be noticed by the dev team.

I hope after reading this thread you will have a better understanding of how to post a bug. We don't like wasting your time, so hopefully these guidelines and rules will help us fix bugs faster and make the game better overall.


bbsmith Offline
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« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2010, 09:54:57 pm »

Bugs should come with Replay, Screenshot and descriptions.

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