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written by tank130 | 6626 Views | Rating: (1 rates)
We are very excited to announce our newest member to the EiRR Dev team -  Headshotkiller, aka


HSK brings both RGD and SCAR coding abilities to the team. In fact, he is an integral part of finding the fix to the latest SEGA/RELIC patch that has rendered our mod inoperable. We are 100% confident our team will find a solution in the near future.

In the meantime, we are working on implementing a system to streamline our ability to fix bugs and expand the mods functions. We will start by creating a new thread in the bug forums to get all the known bugs in one place. From there we will get into a routine of fixing bugs in a timely fashion.

It has become obvious that SEGA has no intention of supporting modifications of COH2 in the foreseeable future. We have halted production of our new mod and are focusing on rebuilding the current mod. We will try to implement a number of functions slated for EiR2 into EiR:R This is a long term stretch goal, so do not expect anything for several months.

These changes may include a new Launcher/use interface, new doctrine system, and new repair/healing system.

The EiR:R dev team is still committed to our community and our mod.Expect some changes over the following months.


The Dev Team

May 01 2013 Now and the Future
written by tank130 | 3314 Views | Rating: (0 rates)
Hey Everyone,

We have just released a long awaited, massive patch. We thank you all for your patience and hope you find the wait well worth it.

This will be the last ‘major’ patch for EiR:R. We will continue to release balance patches, the remaining doctrines, and possibly more warmap cards, but game changing design and warmap revisions are complete.

We are very excited to announce our plans for the future.


In the next few days, you will also see postings at other sites announcing our plans and encouraging like-minded people to join our development team.

What have you got to look forward to in the future of Eirr2 you ask?

Technical advances:

We have already started development of our new GUI launcher interface. This more efficient, cleaner code, dynamic graphics drawing software will give us the ability to be more creative and offer more selection to our player base.

The ‘Design Document’:

This detailed document outlines the overall design of the mod and the direction it will take. When complete, it will ensure the team stays on track and everyone’s work is implemented correctly.

The EiR2 team is completely open to input and ideas. We are early enough in our design that we can bend, flex, and redesign to create a unified vision. Every person on the team gets heard and encouraged to be creative.

A well-organized, efficient working environment:

We have a team structure that is not unique, but may differ from what others are used to. We have our Lead Developer and accompanying Senior Development Team working together with our sub departments. Each sub department has a lead and that lead works with the SDT. We feel this system is by leaps and bounds better at organizing and productivity than a joint equal team lead structure.
Team Environment:

We are looking for people who like to be part of a respectful, like minded working environment: A place where new ideas and differing opinions are respected and encouraged; a place where your hard work will not go unnoticed.

Our door is open to you, your ideas, and your commitment. We have formed good friendships and working relationships. Please join with us in making EiR2 one of the great mods out there.
written by Groundfire | 3835 Views | Rating: (0 rates)

Hey Gang, it's that time again! It's time for Moddb's mod of the year for 2012! We have come along way in the last 
year and while everything may not have been plugging along as fast as we would like, EIRR has made leaps of 
improvmenet in game balance, doctrines and in introducing the warmap. 

So as a part of our moddb promotion, I am giving everyone in the community 25 reward points and moving all the 
reward units to an army wide basis instead of being restricted faction wide. 
I would also like to take this time to plug what will be our next launcher update, which would be the warmap cards 
and accompanying market place. More on this to come but these mechanics are essentially a way to buy and sell 
warmap cards for war gold which can be spent on a variety of in-game items, cards, bonuses, etc. 
Here are some screenshots of the Alpha version:



Now it's time to do your part. Go to our moddb home page and vote Europe in Ruins to be "Mod of the Year" here at the
Moddb Europe in Ruins page, or the link provided below.

Talk about this here

Thanks everyone! 

Oct 08 2012 -no title-
written by tank130 | 4048 Views | Rating: (3 rates)
Hi Everybody,

The Dev team has been watching, and listening to input provided by many members of the community. One thing that has been consistently brought up is a lack of moderation and the general negativity of the forums.

A few members of the community have become very hostile and negative.
This hostile environment not only makes the community weaker, but it negatively impacts the development team and their production.
It is time to turn over a new leaf and weed out the negativity.
There are only a few people in this community that consistently create these problems, so we will (and have started to) step up moderation to clean up the mess.

The lynch mob mentality needs to go.  Why do we need to insult each other and the development of a free mod?
It is fine to disagree, but in a diplomatic, and well posted manner.

It’s going to take a bit of getting used to, but from this point forward we are going to be taking a hard stance on negative, insulting and generally trolling type posts. We want our forums cleaned up and the community to respect each other.
For some of you, this is going to be very difficult. For some others, you will disagree. We respect the fact you may disagree and we wish you luck as you walk out the door. It is more important for us to respect and support the majority of the community that wants a friendly environment.

As part of this change, we created new forum rules. They are more detailed then in the past, but really, they are just common sense items. Treat others as you want to be treated and you really can’t go wrong.

It is time for us to come together as a community and build a better, friendlier environment. Let’s get back to having fun.

Thanks for listening
The Dev team
Jun 19 2012 Warmap Release!
written by EIRRMod | 3002 Views | Rating: (0 rates)

Launcher 0.8.B-1 has been released, and with it the warmap.

Read more here

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