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Author Topic: Balance Suggestion  (Read 1392 times)
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simpson22 Offline
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« on: June 15, 2009, 04:33:05 am »

Its kind of a balance suggestion but its probably already been said and maybe its implemented i just dont know it. But i think an idea to help level the playing field between vets and noobs would be that if a unit kills a vet 2 unit it earns double xp than it normally would and if it kills a vet 3 it earns triple, and if a vet 2 unit kills a normal unit it gets only 1/2 the xp it should do. You get the idea, i think it would make things a bit more even after a few days the noobs will start getting more vets and the pros wont be able to get vets as easy as they did before. It may just help reduce the gap between noobs with no vets and pros full of vet 3 units.

If this idea is already implemented or someone has already suggested this and iv just not noticed it then sorry but if not i think it will be a good idea to give the noobs a boost.
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