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Author Topic: [US] Infantry Doctrain  (Read 2148 times)
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« on: June 23, 2009, 07:40:08 pm »

Well, I've got my Tank hunters one up.  And in order to give another example of what I'm talking about with focusing the doctrains, at least I hope thats what it sounds like I'm saying, here is a modified version of the infantry doctrain.

Tear One

Defensive Operations
Riflemen can build Wire Sandbags and Tank Traps

Onmap Howitzer
Unlocks Howitzer

Smoke Grenade
Smoke Grenades available for Riflemen

15% suppression resistance for Rifles and Rangers

Offensive Operations
Infantry Platoons arrive 30 seconds Earlier

Tier 2

American Command
American Officer avalable.

Heavy Weapons
Rifle Squads can purchase a single Bazooka

Support Barrage
Offmap howitzer barrage available

Short Fuse Sticky Bomb
Sticky bombs have half the delay do more damage.

Concussion Granades
Concussion grenades available to Rangers and Rifles

Tier Three

Locked and Loaded
HMG, Morter and Sniper gain increased range and sight.

Tank Reapers
Bazooka and ATG gain penetration and damage.

Expert Engineers
Engineers can build roadblocks, MG nests and Triage centers cost manpower not munitions.  (Something having to do with the allied fortifications)

Riflemen gain increased accuracy when not moving, more when in cover.

Supply Efficiency
Ranger availability +2, upgrades cost less. 

Tier Four

Improved Howitzer
Howitzer gains
   More accuracy/Less spread
   Camouflage when not firing?
   Fires 3 extra rounds.

Hunkered Down
All support weapons recieve:
   Bonuses to Defense when in cover or buildings.
   Less received accuracy
   Unpack faster

Artillery HQ
More Offmaps, per whatever they had planned.

Allied Grit
All Allied infantry gain health bonus, less received accuracy.

1st Ranger Battalion
Rangers may purchase Parachutes to airdrop like airborne. 
Rangers gain Infantry Awareness
Start at Vet one/gain accuracy bonus.

I changed a couple things from what the launcher had, I'm sure some things are differant on their lists anyway.   I'm less familliar with the US infantry, but I think this is a little better than what they had. 
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