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Author Topic: Guide: Creating an .sga with Corsix  (Read 5617 times)
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« on: December 12, 2007, 08:40:47 am »

Since I'd really like it if all finalised maps have all options features enabled, the following process needs to take place for your map to actually have the weather .options file! Exporting your map in the worldbuilder works but does not include the .options file, thus this process is recommended for FINAL map.sga's Smiley.

Download Corsix' tools first.

Prepare files:
Create a new folder, wherever you want, I suggest desktop for easy access; we'll call ours "map" (name is not important). This folder is just to temporarily hold the map files; it can be deleted afterwards.

In that new folder "map", create a folder named "scenarios".

And in "scenarios", create a folder named "mp".
In "mp",  create a last folder called "Loading", this is ONLY for your mapname.tga loading screen file.
So you should have:

  ->  Scenarios
         -> mp (All map files)
              -> Loading (Loading image file)

In "mp" place ALL the map's files, except the .BAK files.

Corsix's Tools:
Download and run Corsix's Tools.

Open Relic's mod "RelicCOH.module".

Go to the "Tools" tab and select "SGA packer".

For "Input" select the folder containing "scenarios" (e.g. "map").

For "SGA To Create" select where you want to save the SGA file with the .sga extension.
(Target folder + .sga name, for example D:\Games\Company of Heroes\EuropeInRuins\Archives\4p_Road to Carentan.sga)

Leave "TOC" as "Data" or rename it if it's not.


Post the final map.sga download link!
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