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Author Topic: New doctrine selection/de-selection  (Read 1446 times)
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Tachibana Offline
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« on: February 03, 2017, 03:14:43 pm »

With the full doctrine release in R029, there has also been some confusion about how doctrine selection is done and what the limiting factors are. Here is a cursory summary of the elements.


What is similar to the previous tree system?
1.) Upper unlocks still have corresponding doctrine point values left to right (1,2,3,5)
2.) Upper unlocks still have a 15 point limit on doctrines
3.) Lower unlocks still have a corresponding unlock point value left to right (1,2,3)
4.) Lower unlocks still have a 8 point limit on unlocks.

What is different from the previous system?
1.) You can now select doctrines in any order. You no longer have to follow a Tier 1-4 tree progression.
2.) You are limited to 8 total doctrines. You can split these in any manner (7 top + 1 bottom, 5 bottom + 3 top etc.) as long as you fit it within the previously mentioned point constraints.
3.) The limit is set by Prestige Point value. How many prestige points your company has to spend can be seen in your company tab.

1.) In order to de-select a doctrine, you must have an action point. Action points are earned by playing matches. You can also ask a dev for AP's.
2.) If you play a battle but think you have not received an AP, go to the warmap and switch between Defend/Support/Attack mode. You do not need to confirm the action, simply selecting should refresh your points.
3.) Due to the way the launcher is coded, there are some limitations in the de-selection process.
     a. If your upper doctrines are not connected, you can freely de-select any doctrine at any time as long as you have action points. Example below.
     b. If your upper doctrines are connected, you must first de-select the doctrine directly to your right before de-selecting the doctrine you wish. So, if you have a t1 + t2 unlocked, you must first de-select the t2 before you deselft the t1. Example in second picture.

In this first picture, 'Supercharged' and 'Discarding Sabot' are not connected by 'Forward Observation'. Therefore, you can de-select them in any order.

In this second picture, 'Light Cavalry' and 'Barrage Experts' are directly connected. Therefore, in order to deselect Light Cavalry, you must first de-select 'Barrage Experts'. This requires two action points.
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