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Author Topic: [LW]Teach me to kemp  (Read 1782 times)
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Tachibana Offline
Posts: 1261

« on: July 28, 2018, 07:23:31 pm »

So guys, I have two different Luftcoys. The problem is, when I play luft the way I'm supposed to play it (aka, the way everyone seems to tell me luft should be played), I fail miserably. However, when I play luft as an aggro doctrine, I seem to be having better success than the usual set up ambushes, hoard cover, hold flanks methodology that is being sold to me.

As it stands, when trying to play my more vanilla Luftwaffe doctrine, i have a 1-4 record. My aggro doctrine has a 3-0 record. I know its a small sample size, but I'm not exactly going to find 100s of games of eir to play to even this out. Also, note, My concern is not sweeping asdie all who stand before me. If that was what I'm after, I would just keep playing aggro bros. However, I would like to have a couple of companies where I can hoard some vet on units that I think are super cool (falls, rangers, storms are some examples of units I consider cool). Generally speaking, Aggro companies are not conducive to vet gain, so I'm really trying my hand at vanilla fallcoy builds.

So, here are my companies and I'm wondering what advice you guys would give to trying and make the kemp fall coy a better one.

start: sniper, 2 LATHT, 2 chreckfalls, mg
General comp: 9 assgrens, 4 ihts, 4 upgun hotch, 3 marder, rest falls.

Start: same as rushbros
General comp: 4x fg42 falls, 2x mg34, 2marder, 4upgun hotch, 2 pak36, 1 reward fall, 1 hotch, 3 kettens, sweeper, rest faust falls

So, fall connoisseurs, what build recommendations do you have to make a vetfall coy that can still win games. I know I've seen two, rug, unkown, batgirl and even crimson do it. What do I lack?
« Last Edit: July 28, 2018, 07:25:06 pm by Tachibana » Logged

It's like saying "i can understand his concerns that fire breathing dragons live in far away lands"
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TheVolskinator Offline
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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2018, 08:42:47 pm »

It comes down to micro. As the worst company builder in the mod, I can chalk down any and all success that I have in-game from it. As you saw this morning, when I'm tired AF I get out-microed by Gork and my shitty company builds finish dragging me down into the depths of 3k failguy-dom.

The key is not to whore cover and lie in ambush for 10 minutes, it's to predict where the enemy is likely to go, get to cover and cloak, hopefully right before the enemy arrives. Then you ambush the fuck out of them (with MG34 support if you like) and try to wipe out as many models as possible. Once you've done that and the other guy has an "oh shit" moment and moves back, then you send in the AC bros and finish his shit off.

What I'm getting at is that I find Luft to be excellent when you move between kemp and push, using the former as a springboard/fallback for the latter.

An alternative is to use lolcheap Waffles to drown the enemy in bodies; slap cloak on them if you please and then you can either go Soviet Russia doctrine with them or kemp in bush (and then rush).
« Last Edit: July 28, 2018, 09:04:11 pm by TheVolskinator » Logged

Quote from: tank130
I want to ensure we have a 100% decision on the process before we do the wipe.
If not, then I wipe, then someone gets something they shouldn't, then it gets abused, then the shit hits the fan and then I ban shab.

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shockcoil Offline
griefer & spammer
EIR Veteran
Posts: 1577

« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2018, 09:20:00 pm »

Giv flakvierling back to luft

jackmccrack Offline
EIR Veteran
Posts: 2484

« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2018, 10:05:06 pm »

Honestly, if shit ain't working, don't even use it, haha. Forcing a bad meta only wastes time IMO.

Let's talk about PIATs in a car.
shockcoil Offline
griefer & spammer
EIR Veteran
Posts: 1577

« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2018, 10:43:22 pm »

buff flakvierling
NightRain Offline
EIR Veteran
Posts: 3921

« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2018, 12:40:43 pm »

Luftwaffe is best played aggressively with LVs, building Failschrimjäger companies is almost like masturbating with sandpaper. They cost a lot and rarely if ever end up deciding combat. Especially in current support weapon heavy meta.

I do love FG42s cause of the fire mode selector, you turn them into G43s or something like that when in single fire and can toggle to full at charging enemies.

Being Static is bad.
Being mobile is good.

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Mysthalin Offline
Tired King of Stats
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« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2018, 04:46:22 pm »

Main easy quick fixes:

1. Split up your hotchkisses from single callins. You don't really gain that much from them being paired up, but will be stopped from calling them in when needed. Your company is tiny anyway.

2. The Pak 36s are functionally rather worthless in your company. You'd be better off grabbing another shrek, or an FG42, and some luftwaffe inf with the spare change.

3. Uncouple MGs from falls. Have them as individual, low-pop callins that you can deploy as the situation demands. Falls should come on in pairs, or on IHTs, specialised in the individual callins of the role.

4. You're investing quite a bit into being able to use suppressive fire on the FG42s (Heroes of MC + Mobile Suppression), but without crete vets it's kind of meh. I'd consider dropping HMC and Mobile suppression, replacing it with mech advance and scout training. Alternatively, grab Quick response instead of MS just to let your vehicles scarper quicker.

Like volsky said - you can't do pure "camp in bush" and expect to win. You need to push in to where the other guys don't expect you and lay your ambush from there. Playing 3v3s and deploying behind enemy lines to catch out reinforcing units will do you some good - just make sure you have a clear line of retreat. If you are not happy to ambush behind enemy lines, then you need to incorporate more stuff that would make the enemy come to you (extra sniper, hotch stukas, mortar HT).

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