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Author Topic: Abuse & Exploit Policy  (Read 4205 times)
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fldash Offline
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« on: March 16, 2008, 08:50:45 am »

Taken right from Relic...

In-Game Harassment

In-game harassment is considered abusing game mechanics to cause another player grief. This can involve (but not limited to) forms of “team-killing”, from intentionally sandbagging or barbed-wire trapping a teammate in to using mortars or artillery strikes on a teammate’s base.

Verbal Harassment and Inappropriate Behaviour

Verbal harassment is considered (but not limited to) highly inappropriate language taking place in game lobbies or during a game. Language such as racial or ethnic, gender-specific, religious, vulgar or sexual orientation slurs will not be tolerated. We will also not tolerate spamming, advertising, or discussion of illegal activities.

Please submit evidence of the actions to me via replay (no screenshots as they can be doctored).  I will review each or create a team of community members to review each.  Punishment will be suspension from the modification for a period not less than 24 hours.  The exact time of the punishment will be decided based on the evidence received and the inappropriate behavior.
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« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2008, 11:08:07 pm »


Exploitable gameplay mechanics-
Any action that is not intended mechanics of the *CORE* vCOH is also considered an exploit for EIR.

Any viewed replay showing these exploits, will result in a week suspension for the user(s).
A second abuse, will result in a ban.

A list of exploits will be listed within this post.

  • Using abilities from buildings that are not usually usable from within
  • Building and not finishing tank traps, sandbags etc
  • Resource gaining/tricking using any exploit method
  • Continuously recrewing an artillery piece to negate cooldown timers
  • 57mm 'semi-auto' fire
  • Using detached pak crew members for scouting/combat

Out of Game:

A list of intolerable behaviour will be listed within this post.

  • Using 'Smurf'/Additional Accounts to grief/lock players from playing Europe In Ruins

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