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Author Topic: Patch R044  (Read 3000 times)
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« on: October 13, 2019, 01:28:08 pm »

1 - Vet
   The following units have had their vet tables updated:
   Achilles w. 17-pdr
   Pak 38
   Leig 18
   Pak 40
   WM mortar
   CW Airlanding Infantry
   Allied sniper
   ANZAC Infantry
   Assault Engineers
   Axis Sniper
   BREN MMG and T16 MMG
   BREN Carrier and T16 Carrier
   Canadian Trenchbusters
   Churchill AVRE
   Churchill BP
   95mm Churchill
   Commando Officer
   6 Commando
   Churchill Croc
   Cromwell + Raid Cromwell
   Super Crom
   Crusader AA
   Engineer Minesweepers
   AB Engies
   Blaue Grenadiere
   FFI Hotch
   PGren HMG42
   Home Guard
   I&R Inf
   Desert Rats Tommies
   All Tommy variations
   KCH and 4-man KCH
   KM Infanterie
   All .30 cals
   Goon Gun
   All non-croc Shermans
   M3 Lee
   Potato Cannon
   M3 Satan
   M3 HT
   Sherman Croc 45
   Sherman Croc and LeHI Croc
   M5 ATG
   Stuart Rhino
   Priest CS
   Tetrarch (all variants)
   Opel Blitz (Transport)
   PzPio Sweeper
   Pionier Sweeper
   Radio Panzer
   Hotch Stuka
   Hotch Upgun
   Panzer I
   P4 CT
   both KTs
   Tiger Ace
   17 pdr
   6 pdr
   Ram Kangaroo
   Sapper Sweeper
   FSJ MG34
   all 2-inch mortars
   all Schwimms
   Marder III
   PE SC
   PE AC
   Upgun Puma
   Vampire HT

1 - Engineers
   Mines and grenades are now mutually exclusive.

2 - Easy Eight Sherman
   Now gets its own HVAP gun if the upgrade is purchased.

3 - GMC
   The AP rounds portion of the Ballistic Caps buff has been removed.

3 - Upgun Sherman
   Main gun modified:
      Dmg. reverted from 112.5 to 87.5.
      Dmg. mod. vs. vehicles increased from 1 to 1.3.

1 - MMG Carrier
   MG updated, incl. launcher text (most of the gun's performance was already in place, save for the AA stats):
Vickers MG modified:
   Arc of fire increased from 90 * to 120 *.
   Behavior changed: aa_weapon_shoot_through set to True (ignores shot blockers when targeting aircraft).
   Kill crit chance vs. flyer criticals set to 1/1/1 at green (100% HP-40% HP)/yellow (40% HP-5% HP)/red (5% or less HP) crit thresholds.
   Net acc. vs. P-47 armor set to ~0.05.
   Suppression reduced from  0.02/0.01/0.01 to 0.015/0.0075/0.0075 at S/M/L ranges.
   Visual location moved from the hull MG position to the pintle MG position.

2 - Offmap Radioman
   Corrected missing offmap abilities and removed the free uses that were put in in error.

3 - T16 Carrier
   .50 cal updated and brought up to the standard stats of the other .50 cals (details listed under every .50 cal-equipped vehicle in the launcher).
   Vickers MG updated as above.

4 - Vickers G.O. (Commando Troop upgrade)
   Missing icon added.

1 - Aufklarer
   Fixed Mark Target not working.

2 - Fausts
   Pen. vs. skirted Sherman armor increased from 0.5 to 0.75.

1 - 250/9 IHT
   2 cm cannon target priority vs. current target increased from 55 to 155. Will now always continue shooting its current target until manually ordered to do otherwise.

2 - FG42
   UI icon location moved from UI 7 to UI 10 (second icon on the bottom row).

3 - FSJ Marksman
   Has been priced out for SE and TH doctrines, pending a rework of Luft that will see it become a doctrinal unit.

4 - Grille
   Range bonus from Unstoppable Force now functions.
   Main gun modified: is now a P4 gun w. Hummel AoE. Retains extremely slow ballistic shell.

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I want to ensure we have a 100% decision on the process before we do the wipe.
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