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Author Topic: Launcher Patch 0.9.H is Live!  (Read 254 times)
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PrinceOfScotland Offline
EIR Launcher Demigod
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« on: June 02, 2020, 10:40:24 am »

Hey Look! I can do patch notes too!

Here are the patch notes for the 0.9.H launcher patch:

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed create account whitespace issue which caused problems if someone pressed tab after entering a username
 - Fixed the battle start time for defender not showing correct
 - Fixed the R+ timer for a 4th player being 9 minutes rather than 6
 - Fixed Advantages being only changeable once on a new company, now is a free for all
 - Fixed the balance bar (still WIP, let us know if issues arise)
 - Fixed being able to put multiple of a single reward unit in a company, now 1 of each per company
 - Fixed the advantages text dropping after a choice
 - Fixed info like number of each unit in a company not showing.

New Features:
 - Updated the hover text for upgrades, so that a description can now be added
 - Changed the button on account creation to go back to login to be more clear
 - Reworked warmap card packs, now only contain 3 cards each
 - Added reward unit drops for taking Paris, these reward units arent available elsewhere
 - Host name now shows in Blue in a battle lobby
 - Added Company wins, losses and Pop to company tab, removed from profile tab

Think that's everything! Enjoy!

Fixing the launcher, one mistake at a time.
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