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Author Topic: Patch R047  (Read 12757 times)
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« on: June 08, 2020, 11:25:06 am »


1 - Bazooka
   Acc. mod. vs. ATGs decreased from 1 to 0.75.
   Dmg. mod. vs. ATGs decreased from 1 to 0.61.

1 - Artillery Plotting Maps
   Scatter bonus for Goon Guns, Howitzers, and RNades decreased from 0.33 scatter to 0.66 scatter.

1 - Airborne Elite
   AB and AB Rifles: 0.8 cooldown in L/H/G/T cover.
   Spare Mags now on recharge.

2 - Airborne Riflemen
   Target type changed from Infantry armor to Airborne armor.

3 - Ballistic Caps
   M10s can now ignore phase armor.

4 - Barrage Experts
   1.1 dmg. and detonation timer bonus moved here, from Disruption.

5 - Disruption
   Now grants +1 demo on purchase (free).
   Grenades are now replaced w. Commando Grenades (free).

6 - Fight Another Day
   Cost on Jeeps reduced from 10 MP to 0 MP.

7 - Gyroscopes (new mid T4)
   Tanks: 1.5 acc. while moving.
   Jeeps: Now gain Mark Target w. the selection of this T4.

8 - Hit and Run Specialists
   AB ATG now gains Sprint.
   AB Mortar now gains Fire-up.

1 - Charge at Remagen
   Bonus extended to all tanks.

2 - Next-gen Tank
   Bonus extended to all tanks and vehicles.

3 - Rangefinding Experts
   Now grants +5 m range to the Scott.

4 - Staccato Roar
   .30 cal AP bonus is now passive; adds AP rounds icon above the MG.

1 - M8 Scott
   Correct repair kit (light) linked. Was previously (incorrectly) linked to a faction-specific repair.

2 - Next Gen Tank
   Now correctly affects the Pershing.

1 - Stand Your Ground
   Moved from UI 10 to UI 7.

1 - Dead Center
   6-pounder Focus Fire now also adds a +20 m range bonus for the duration of the ability.
   Priest now gains -40 s barrage recharge for free.

2 - Forward HQ
   LT buff removed from the Stuart Recce.
   LT buff now available on the CCT.

3 - High Caliber
   Boys AT sniper rifle changed: now a clone of the base Boys AT rifle w. sniper crits, +0.2 acc. vs. inf., and 45 m range.

4 - Improved Gunnery
   Recon Snipe recharge cost reduced from 10 MP to 0 MP.

1 - Tet and LJ Daimler
   Now use M8 target tables.
   Reload increased from 3 s to 4 s-5 s (min-max).
   Acc. vs. inf. decreased from 0.75 to 0.3 (LJ Daimler only).

1 - Assault Ordnance
   Now unlocks Canister Shot on the AEC.

2 - Churchill IV
   Now unlocked w. the the selection of RSE itself; no longer requires an unlock.

3 - Defensive Measures
   Now unlocks the Churchill mine plow for all Churchill variants.

4 - Experimental Guns
   Has been checked to ensure the ability properly functions as advertised.
   Intended bonus: 1.2 dmg.; enables Sabot Rounds ability (1.25 pen. for duration).

5 - Foxhole Sloggers
   New unlock (bottom T1); copy-paste of Blitz's 7th Panzer unlock.

6 - Misfiring Artillery
   25-pounder gains Creeping Smoke Barrage.
   Captains and LTs gain Decoy Artillery.

7 - Rifled Guns
   Bonuses extended to the Comet.
   Now properly affects the Firefly.

8 - Standard Kit
   Now unlocks 17-pounder ATGs and Repairmen.

9 - Thundercloud
   CCT bonuses from Overseer (+10 m aura range OR +25 m if hull down, +2.5 m sight) moved here.
   Passive ability no longer only affects vehicle MGs.

10 - Up-armoured
   0.8 rec. pen. bonus extended to the AEC and Comet.

1 - Victor Target
   Now functions.

1 - 2 cm Puma
   Acc. at L range decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.


1 - Overwhelm
   Sprint-on-spawn duration decreased from 60 s to 30 s.
   Rec. acc. bonus removed.

2 - Smoke Canisters
   UI moved from UI 6 to UI 7.

1 - Joint Ops
   No longer gives an extra use of Panzerfausts for free.

2 - StuG III
   Ability list now (mostly) matches that of the old JP4; abilities such as smoke canisters should now function.

Panzer Elite
1 - IST
   Lockdown reload buff decreased from 0.35 to 0.5.

2 - PE AC
   Acc. at L range decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.

1 - Leader Rifles
   Now have their own icon.

2 - Pips' Jabo
   Dmg. vs. ATGs decreased from 1 to 0.25.

3 - Survivalists
   Commando Smoke has been removed from PGrens.

1 - Advanced Explosives
   Magnetic AT nades no longer available on Luftwaffe.
   RNades no longer available on FSJ.

2 - Crete Veterans
   Cost (on FSJ) decreased from 15 MP to 0 MP.
   Wirblewind Lockdown stats are now: 1.25 acc., 0.8 cooldown, 0.4 speed, +10 m sight.
   Wirblewind Lockdown cost set at 50 MP.
3 - Expert Skirmishers
   LMG34 no longer available on Luftwaffe.

4 - Fallschirmkompanie
   No longer unlocks the HMG34 (has been moved to Luftwaffe Jagere).

5 - Familiar Ground
   Has been removed; merged into the Kampfgruppe South unlock.

6 - Heroes of Monte Cassino
   FSJ HP bonus (if FGs purchased) increased from +5 HP/man to +10 HP/man.
   Now grants Luftwaffe Infanterie +10 HP/man.
   Now grants PGrens +10 HP/man.

7 - Highway 69
   Moving acc. bonus decreased from 1.75 to 1.25.

8 - Kampfgruppe South
   Vampire HT Familiar Ground bonus (sector sprint aura) moved here.

9 - Lions of Carentan
   FSJ: 0.66 rec. dmg. in L/H/G/T cover, 0.75 rec. acc. while moving. Cost set at 30 MP.
   Scout Cars and Vampires: gain Lit-up with 50 m range. Cost set at 20 MU.

10 - Luftwaffe Infanterie
   No longer require a doctrine unlock; are part of the base doctrine roster for Luftwaffe.

11 - Luftwaffe Jagere
   No longer unlocks LW Infanterie.
   Now unlocks the FSJ HMG34.

12 - Mobile Mechanics
   Now free; vehicles may now move at 60% of their base speed while active.

13 - Quick Response
   Vehicle bonuses are now: 1.2 accel., decel., and speed.

14 - Scout Training
   Has been made free on all applicable vehicles.
   Is no longer available for purchase on the following units: Hotchkiss (all variants), IHT, and PE AC.

15 - Standardized Equipment
   MP40 no longer available on Luftwaffe.
   LMG34 now available on PGrens.

Tank Hunters
1 - Advanced Repairs (Bergetiger)
   Are now free.

2 - Advanced Repairs (PGren)
   Repair rate decreased from 4 HP/s to 3.333 HP/s.
   Duration decreased from 100 s to 60 s.
   Now a free upgrade; automatically applied when the doctrine is selected.

3 - Command Elements
   Code has been double-checked to ensure proper function. QOL change.

4 - Improved Barrels
   Now unlocks a StuG gun for the P4J (30 FU).
   Now unlocks 3x Gren rifles for PGs (20 MP).

5 - Infrarot
   Code has been double-checked to ensure proper function. QOL change.

6 - Jagdpanther
   "5 HP bug" vs. ATGs fixed (% chance to fail to outright kill the AT at minimum health).
   Dmg. vs. ATGs decreased from 1 to 0.85.
   Moving acc. increased from 0.5 to 0.75.

7 - Rudimentary Repairs (PGren)
   Repair rate increased from 1 HP/s to 2 HP/s.
   Duration increased from 50 s to 100 s.
   Cost increased to 45 MU.

8 - Storm Tactics
   Has been moved from SE to TH in its entirety.

9 - Terror of the Eastern Front
   Hetzer delay before cloaking decreased from 5 s to 3 s; free upgrade that requires no purchase.

1 - Hotchkiss direct barrage (SE)
   Now functions.

2 - Incendiary Grenades
   Now properly allows the use of 4x slot items.

3 - Panzer I
   Weapons now function.

Map Changes

Quote from: tank130
I want to ensure we have a 100% decision on the process before we do the wipe.
If not, then I wipe, then someone gets something they shouldn't, then it gets abused, then the shit hits the fan and then I ban shab.

Getting EiR:R Released on Steam

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Unkn0wn Offline
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« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2020, 05:47:47 am »

Some additional changes deployed in yesterday's hotfix

- T17 cooldown increased from 0.8 to 1, HP reduced by 50 (from 400 to 350)
- US Hellcat mines should no longer overlap on UI with HVAP
- Goon gun FX sound changed to avoid confusion with howitzer
- AB ATG stats now match those of PAK36 light ATG

- CW VGO vickers no longer allows fire on the move
- RCA now gets earthshaker barrage offmap

- P4 CCT now correctly gets mark and fire radio artillery
- Jagdpanzer IV now correctly has 500 HP instead of 400
- JP4 passive repair doctrine ability cost increased to 60 F

- PE IHTs now 3 pop instead of 2
- Vickers MG emplacement now correctly has 45 range instead of 55
- X7 Rocket offmap should now work on offmap radioman
- Recon run should now work on offmap radioman
- SE Mobile platforms ability has been reeneabled

Major kudos to volsky for all the work done RGD-side! 047 ended up being a really massive patch but we hope it'll render those doctrines more competitive and interesting and EIR is now fully ready for steam release.
Illegal_Carrot Offline
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« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2020, 12:31:31 am »

- Vickers MG emplacement now correctly has 45 range instead of 55

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« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2020, 05:24:11 am »

That should have been listed under CW Tongue
MG nests all have 45 range so the vickers getting 55 was something of an anomaly
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