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Author Topic: Patch R048  (Read 236 times)
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« on: June 19, 2020, 03:07:11 pm »


1 - M4A1 Sherman
   Bulldozer added to .abp file (now appears on the model when purchased).

2 - M8
   Pop cost increased from 8 to 9.

3 - Up-gun Sherman
   Acc. vs. inf. increased from 0.4 to 0.5.

1 - Divisional Assets
   Crocodile bonuses removed.

2 - Field Dressings
   Cost increased from 15 MP to 20 MP on Riflemen.
   Cost on Rangers increased from 20 MP to 25 MP.

3 - Goon Gun
   Barrage (incl. smoke) range decreased from 105 m to 85 m.
   Barrage recharge increased from 30 s to 60 s.
   Smoke barrage recharge increased from 120 s to 240 s.
   Range decreased from 100 m to 80 m.

4 - Riflemen
   In-game reinforce cost increased from 20 MP to 30 MP.

1 - Disruption
   Airborne AI/AT mines replaced by Hawkins mines.

2 - Fight Another Day
   Now affects the M4A1 Sherman.

1 - Calling it in
   Has been reworked; now confers a 1.33 acc., 0.9 cooldown/reload bonus to all hardpoints on all owned vehicles.

2 - Pour it on 'Em!
   Croc range bonus removed.

3 - Staccato Roar
   No longer available on the Croc.

1 - Grenades
   Now function properly (previously removed two uses every time one was thrown).

2 - M4A1 Sherman
   Removed in-game .50 cal upgrade.

3 - Spare Magazines
   Now function.


1 - Calling it in
   Has been reworked; now confers a 1.33 acc., 0.9 cooldown/reload bonus to all hardpoints on all owned vehicles.
   Is now also available in US Armor Company.

2 - Strangers in Arms
   Vet1 Elite armor removed.
   Zeal bonus (cooldown per man lost) removed.

1 - 2x BREN

2 - Tetrarch
   Pop increased from 8 to 9.

1 - Ablative Armor
   Now functions as an ability in-game: Applies the indicated (in the launcher) amount of additional HP to the vehicle over the course of 10 s. Extra HP cannot be repaired; vehicle can only be repaired to its maximum original health value. Vehicle must not be damaged in order to apply. 20 minute recharge.

2 - Comet
   Vet requirements matched to the Panther's.
   Hull Down sandbags visual model added to .abp file.

3 - Crusader AA
   Hull Down sandbags visual model added to .abp file.

1 -

1 - 2 cm Puma
   Acc. at L range decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.
   Chance to roll a kill crit at Green HP reduced from 5% to 0%.
   Damage reduced from [by 5]

2 - up-gun Puma
   Pop cost increased from 8 to 9.

1 - Butterfly Mines
   Detonation radius reduced from 0.5 m to 0.125 m; should no longer explode before an enemy unit is within the actual damage radius.

2 - Pio K98ks
   Have been removed as an upgrade, and moved to TH.

1 - Stormtroopers
   Camouflage requirements (to have the StG 44 purchased) removed.
   Panzerschreck upgrades removed.
   Pz.B. 39 upgrade added (has been improved vs. armored targets at S/M ranges).

1 - JP4
   Reload on base gun increased from 3.5 s-4.5 s (min-max) to 4.5 s-5.5 s.
   Reload on Panther gun increased from 6 s to 7 s.

1 - P4
   Texture not swapping with in-game reward menu toggle has been fixed.

Panzer Elite
1 - Grenade package
   Uses decreased from 4 to 3.

1 - Hotchkiss
   Technical function of the reload has been altered (irrelavent to player perception).
   Reload decreased from 6.5 s-4.5 s (max-min) to 6 s-4 s.

2 - PE AC
   Acc. at L range decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.

3 - Vampire HT
   Now camos while toggle is active.

1 - Faustpatronen
   When purchased, Faustpatronen will now replace AT grenades as part of the grenade package. They still come with unlimited uses (Incendiary Grenades don't, however). Even if you deplete all Incendiary Grenades, you'll still be able to use the Faustpatrone.

2 - Panzer III
   Pop increased from 9 to 10.
   Non-upgun gun is now a Hotchkiss gun w. 2x pen., -1 s reload, and 50% larger AoE.

3 - Flammengrenadiers
   Unit has been replaced by a standard flamethrower upgrade given to panzergrenadiers

1 - Ketten Camo
   Now has a 2.5 s delay before the unit camos.
   Ketten may only rotate while camoed (movement disabled).

Tank Hunters
1 - Improved Barrels
   Now unlocks a 4x Gren K98k upgrade on PGrens.

2 - Panzer I
   Now has Scout Car vet tables.

1 - Improved Barrels (TH P4s)
   Now functions; missing weapon added.

2 - Incendiary Grenades (Chemical Fire)
   Impact dmg. reduced from 30-24 (max-min) to 15-10 (max-min).

3 - Survivalists
   Commando Smoke has been removed from PGrens.

4 - Westfront
   fixed a bug with extra grenade range being applied twice

Map Changes
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« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2020, 05:54:49 pm »


1. Fixed some character mismatches between passwords on registration and login screen. This was resulting in some players using special character passwords unable to login. Most special characters on standard keyboards can now be used but note that owing to some launcher restrictions the following characters wont be able to be used: = [ ] ; ' # / `

2. Added a show password toggle on both registration form and login screen so users can see the password they're entering in case they have any issues

3. Company names now support special characters like spaces, underscores, etc used in steam names. Do note that they are still limited to 20 characters max so in some cases users may still have to shorten their steam name

4. Fixed the bar showing team balance before start of the game

5. Fixed an issue with upgrade scroller circumventing upgrade exclusions
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