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Author Topic: Calculating the human worth of Speedy  (Read 84745 times)
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fabulous_rug Offline
EIR Veteran
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« on: May 14, 2022, 04:05:44 am »

How can one objectively describe Speedy, the being who is cursed day and night by all the rabbis priests and mullahs alike?! It is difficult but those enlightened ones who are familiar with the magnificent ideology of Fabulous Rug Thought can make the attempt! And I will show you how so we can all become more knowledgeable for the benefit of all the peoples.

First of all, nothing has inherent worth so it must be gained to start with. Anything that has worth has gained it somehow, and we must glimpse what is it that gives Speedy a starting base of being worth anything. And I beleive I have finally managed to glimpse what it is!!! Drumm roll and bated breaths everyone ----------

nothing! Yes that's right. Speedy is worth nothing! A waste of human trash! We must all lend our power to destroy this evil creature. You can dust your boots off on a rug but anything that comes near speedster withers away and dies. So even in all the figurative literalitve reasons, this guy have zero wroth

Oh my science! I cannot believe we have solved this magnificent question. Keep on trucking

Prieš savaitę mano kaimynėlis pagaliau pakratė kojas, tačiau matote, viežlybieji, ta supista katė (aš ją pavadinau picke) pradėjo ėst jo lavoną, taigi niekam nepranešiau, nes jau buvau pradėjęs jai pirkti kačių maistą ant tiek dažnai pas mane atsibaladodavo! Būčiau bankrutavęs per tą pydarą.
TheVolskinator Offline
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« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2022, 02:56:36 pm »


Quote from: tank130
I want to ensure we have a 100% decision on the process before we do the wipe.
If not, then I wipe, then someone gets something they shouldn't, then it gets abused, then the shit hits the fan and then I ban shab.

Getting EiR:R Released on Steam

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Olazaika1 Offline
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« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2022, 10:59:59 am »

get stomped much?

lol dats true get rekt

I like balanced companies

you can't just post a replay every single time I fuck up the opening
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