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Author Topic: Game Behaviour Guidelines  (Read 3958 times)
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« on: August 19, 2009, 03:42:40 am »

Game Behaviour Guidelines

What this is all about?

The Europe in Ruins Game Behaviour Guidelines are a list of guidelines that all players taking part within all aspects of Europe in Ruins (Forums, Launcher, Ingame, Ventrilo) are expect to adhere to at all times under the Europe in Ruins banner. As a community, you represent Europe in Ruins, and it is getting to the point where we want to promote a more friendly, well behaved community to entice newer players to join our community.

As such, we've developed the follow Guidelines to steer this community towards the desired behaviour and attitude that we want to reflect onto the great Company of Heroes community. We have not thought lightly about this implementation of these guidelines or the ramifications that they may create, but we feel that it is necessary to fit within our long term goals of the modification.

What these apply to?

These Guidelines apply to all aspects of Europe in Ruins, these include the following areas:
  • Forums
  • Ventrilo
  • EIRR Launcher
  • In Game

It is expect of you to stay within these guidelines at all times while playing Europe in Ruins, using the Launcher and interacting with members of the community. We feel that these guidelines are rather simple to follow and most members shouldn't have any issues with them.

Why should we listen to you?

We hope that you listen to us do to the respect you show us, as this is our hard work that you are using. We'd also like to point out to everyone on that the staff are unpaid volunteers who are using their own money to pay for services that you use regularly and who are using  all their free time to maintain the services you enjoy on a regular basis.

How will these guidelines affect me?

It will all depend on how you conduct yourself in the community, if your a generally nice person, don't flame or attack players and just play the game without caring for the petty feuds that exist within the community then I doubt you'll be affected by these changes. However, if your an ass, troll and flame on the forums, abuse people on vent, grief people in game and exploit ingame mechanics then you will find these changes affecting you.

What the new guidelines?

Below is the list of new guidelines that are going to be enforced onto the community. We expect every member to follow these guidelines while they are playing Europe In Ruins. It will be broken up into 5 sections (General, Forum Specific, Launcher Specific, Ventirlo Specific and In Game Specific) and they are designed to be as obvious and easy to follow as possible.

General Game Behaviour Guidelines

1. Abuse

We will not tolerate abuse by any players here at Europe in Ruins, if you are specifically targeting a user and hurling abusive remarks at that player in order to either shame or force that player away you will be dealt with. It is anti-community behaviour and we do not want that kind of thing in our community.

2. Smurfing

For those who do not know what smurfing is, I'll explain it:

"Smufing is an act in which a player intentionally sets out to deceive other players within the community of his identity to place the people he's facing at an unfair advantage. Usually to grief another player (forums or in-game), or to force a player to play you when he wishes not to."

The behaviour has become more and more of a problem lately and we wish it to stop. Users hiding behind fake accounts on the forums will be punished, and users smurfing to get around players not wanting to face them will also be punished. Users have the right to play the game without having to worry if X player is really X player and not C.

3. Racism

Racism is not on. We do not care where you are from, how you were brought up and what your beliefs are. If you act racist while here at Europe in Ruins, you will find yourself in our bad books. We will not tolerate it, not even if you were joking. Just don't do it.

4. Pornography

While we are mature here, there are times and places for porno-graphical material and playing Europe in Ruins isn't one of those times. Please keep these things to yourself, as not everyone wants to see, here or read about it when they want to be playing a computer game.

5. Language

As above, we like to think we are a mature gaming community. However, there are times when users get excessive in there language; while we aren't saying you can't swear, we just don't want the excessiveness that can come with that. So keep it casual with the language guys.

6. Dropping/Dodging

Intentional dropping and game dodging behaviour is:

"The act of purposefully of dropping out of a game with the intention of cause errors to appear as for the game to not count. Dodging is behaviour of purposefully not turning up to agreed to games with the sole intention to grief another player. "

Forum Specific Behaviour Guidelines

1. No Spam

We want to keep the forums as readable as possible, to do this we need members to not spam our forums with useless threads. This also includes spamming threads with images.

2. No Warez Talk

What is Warez?

Warez refers primarily to copyrighted works traded in violation of copyright law.

That means any discussion on pirated/stolen software on these forums is prohibited. We will be taking a Zero Tolerance stance on this subject. This is not open for debate; and we expect all members to follow it to the letter.

Ventrilo Specific Behaviour Guidelines

1. Respect

You are guests on our ventrilo server, and as such you should show respect to those that maintain the server. At no times should you insult any of the staff members on the server, they are doing their job and it is for obvious reasons that you are being spoken to by them. This respect also spreads out to other members using the ventrilo; we do not want to hear insults, rude comments and derogatory behaviour while using our ventrilo server. 

2. Spam

Spam on the ventrilo server will not be tolerated at all, and will be dealt with harshly. Spam includes the following:
  • The use of Soundboards
  • Playing music in channel
  • Screaming over ventrilo

Spam is open to the moderators interpretation, and if they feel you are spamming the channel; it is likely because you are.

This guidelines come into affect immediately and it is up to you, the community member to not just read these guidelines, but follow them.  Moderators will only be handing out 1 warning to members breaking the new guidelines; this one warning should be enough for anyone with what passes for intelligence to understand what they are doing is against our guidelines. After that one warning, action will be taken; this can be anything from, 24-48 hour forum/vent/game bans to the entire deletion of companies. We are serious about what is written in this thread, and expect each and everyone one of you to follow these guidelines.

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you'll be moderated.
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