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written by Groundfire | 897 Views | Rating: (0 rates)

Hey guys,

Currently, when you use up all your weapons cache pool, the reserve pool begins to be used up as well. This effectively makes the weapons cache pool 90 points of usage per player instead of 60. 

The entire point system for the WC pool was based around a finite 60 pool, which is why no one seems to have noticed a change. 

Well its time to tighten the clamps. WC pool has been reduced to 45 points until we find another solution.


Discuss this here

Dec 11 2011 Weapons Cache update
written by Groundfire | 915 Views | Rating: (0 rates)

Hey guys, with the patch that was released this morning (Dec. 11th) the weapons cache is fully working.

For those of you not familiar with this mechanic, each upgrade in the game has been denoted with a cost and that cost is deducted from your company's "Weapons Cache" pool.

The purpose of this pool is to restrict the spamming of certain upgrades and units that are very very powerful in a our persistent environment. Upgrades like Assault are hopefully restricted more than they are currently, but we hope to still allow players the flexibility of creating their company the way they want, the only difference being that we tack a "risk" to the "reward" of spamming such a powerful upgrade. 

As time passes, I will be updating this list on the fly, then when we have a firm framework of the weapons cache pricing, future changes will be done at patch time all at once. 

We have alot of new players joining the mod and I hope this helps fill you in on what is going on.

[PR lead] Groundfire

Discuss this Here

Dec 04 2011 Moddb promotion
written by Groundfire | 704 Views | Rating: (0 rates)
Attention all CoH players and mod enthusiasts,
Europe in Ruins: Reinforcements has begun its final approach to the Warmap Beta!


This Beta will be public and everyone who is playing EIRR at the release will be able to play on it. As part of the impending release, the EIRR development team will be putting on a little promotion for all new players that decide to join the war before the release.

All brand new players that register their profile in the month of December 2011 will receive twenty reward points upon beta release to buy exclusive units that can be used in their army. 

Europe in Ruins Reward units are unique factional special units that can any player can choose to be a part of his army, but they are rare and finite, they are the  if you lose them they are gone forever. 

As part of this promotion, I have been making reward unit status cards much like this one below so any moddb player can browse through the selection before they decide to purchase their units. 
This is but one example, there are close to 15 special reward units to choose from in both factions, some of which are not listed with stat cards yet. 


Also, as a side note, current EIRR players that refer a new player to us will receive 15 reward points as well.

All that has to be done is when you download the mod and register your profile on www.europeinruins.com, you must contact EIRR's PR Lead "Groundfire" via PM. State that you are a new player and after an IP cross-check, you will be slated for reward points upon beta release. For current players referring new players, just state who you referred. 

If you have any questions just visit us on the Europe in Ruins website and we will gladly answer all your questions. While we are at it, make sure to vote for EIRR for this years Moddb "Mod of the Year"!

Thanks guys, and we'll see you on the battle field.

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