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Mar 01 2007 Pre-Alpha Status
written by fldash | 2514 Views
As many of you know, last Friday we selected a handful of testers to participate in our pre-alpha testing. The goal of this test was to determine if the game play introduced in Europe In Ruins would be fun. The players created companies based on set resource amounts. These companies were then put into the game for our testers to play with using the Europe In Ruins modifications and victory condition.

The results of the tests have been outstanding. We have released 6 updates to the modification to our testers so far and one custom map. We've added more testers regularly, now up to 14 not including the normal developers and contributors. We plan to continue adding testers as the need arises so that we get a broader base of users and more company configurations and battles can be played and tested.

Here are some quotes from some of our testers thus far:

"Had my first few battles tonight, and I was pleasantly surprised. They were quick and most importantly fun." -Forefall

"Wow. That was a cool experience. I definitely like the new way of taking territory, but it would be helpful if it showed it was changing hands, like blinking or a notification icon. Other than that, well, wow, guys! This is an excellent start!" -Sgt So and So

"I find the game itself (as in the alpha we are playing) is quite enjoyable, has many of the tactics that are fundamental to vanilla, and has usefulness for almost every single squad. It's a fun and diverse game and I LOVE how quick it is to play one. Infact, right now I enjoy the EiR games more than CoH; albeit the novelty I'm sure is still in effect.

Still, I'd like to congratulate everyone so far (especially [fldash]) on making such an enjoyable mod. If it was released just as it is now I'm sure it would be popular. At least more popular than all the other mods out there and likely the other mods coming out. As well, we haven't even released the bulk of what EiR is." -Ucross

"I'm dead sure this will be ground breaking and get a lot of attention from the whole gaming community. " -Harry Palms

We hope to be able to open up the pre-alpha very soon to everyone which will include the ability to dynamically create your companies and store them on our server. From there, you'll be able to match-up against another player or players and play battles with the companies you have just created on the site.

Until next time...
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