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Author Topic: US officer offmap  (Read 1564 times)
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« on: July 26, 2009, 01:53:24 pm »

Ok, so i just got wind that the US officer offmap is getting changed to something else than the typhoon strike. (which i just love the concept)

So i thought this should be brought up for discussion before Salan does something too drastic.

A mirrored morter officer barrage has been done to death. This is unique, so lets keep it and tweak it.

For a small increase in munitons, I wouldnt mind having this offmap aimable like an airbourne strafe is aimed.

When this offmap is aimable, its only by user error that the rockets will hit buildings and obstructions in their path.

Also, there were complaints about how the officer is often disabled while the offmap is in use. With the distance the plane needs to travel this could amount to several seconds and a dead officer.

Well while i was browsing corsix files i came across an rgd file for the Officer offmap.

The Disable_Combat is set to False, but the Disable_when_active table slot is set to True.

To my understanding, this is why he can fire his pistol while the offmap is comming, but doesnt respond to other commands.

Set that badboy to "False" and we are golden.

So, discuss...

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