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Author Topic: Balance Forum Guidelines  (Read 5745 times)
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« on: June 12, 2010, 04:45:20 am »

Balance Forum Guidelines

The EIR:R team has decided to go back at some of the old standards of forum moderation, specifically within the Balance Forums. We will no longer let people post in a disruptive or abusive manner while we lose good members.

The new guidelines are here to help us reach our goal, which is a more friendly, constructive community for everyone.

1. Off Topic stuff

The Balance Forum relies on not getting de-railed to other issues more than others forums, keeping this kind of posts out of the forum will help the Dev team gather feedback faster instead of scavenging trough each thread.

Posting of Off-topic Images (unrelated to the balance issue) will result in you being banned from Balance issues. Like wise, continually de-railing threads will see you banned from Balance issues.

2. Reality arguments

This is a game and for the sake of balance EIRR will never be balanced based on what would happen on real life, this is the only way to keep it fun and I'm sure everyone will agree that is the way to go.

3. Nerdrage

Some users love to base their arguments only on stats and throw "counter-counters" to the previous arguments, Nerdrage has only caused havoc among the threads in the Balance Forum and will be closely moderated to not allow threads go beyond 5+ pages or more just because 2 users can't agree they are just talking about probabilities.

4. Flamebaits

The n°1 problem in the Balance Forums right now, is going to be adressed with zero toleration. Posts need to be crystal clear and don't throw any hidden flame against anyone, flamebaits can be used on so many ways that it just not possible to "enumerate" what you shouldn't do or how to recognize them. It will be up to me and Global Moderators to deal with them, what I'm sure is that when an user is smart enough to build a flamebait, such user also knows perfectly he's doing it to get a negative response from the targeted user/group, and he will be punished for doing so. This kind of behaviour created the need to find a "workaround", called the Advisors Forum until order is established here again, and believe me when I say we "will".

5. Politeness

This is a very simple rule, if you can't be polite or keep a neutral position with everybody in this forum then we don't need you, we will not waste our time with you, we have lost enough good players thanks to this.

6. Rage Posting

Users sometimes feel that the whole Dev team changes stats on purpose right before their game starts and then they come here like 10 year old kids who believe they can take on everyone because they just simply are right and nobody can prove them wrong. From now on a rage thread/post will be moderated on sight, do us a favor and take a cold bath before posting after a bad game please, we all have had bad games but that doesn't allow us to rage in the forums.

Posting a rage post or similar will result in you being banned from the balance forum.

7. Balance Threads Quality Control

Like I already said, we want to reach a much higher standard on the Balance Forum and keep everything on track, I'll personally keep an eye on all threads in the Balance Forum. If you keep trolling for the sake of trolling or lack any real argument in your opinion you'll find out that you may need to think twice before posting after some... vacations.

8. "Biased players"

This is close to a myth, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, if X member of the community feels like only trying to point out the weak side of a faction while only the strong points of the opposite, it doesn't make him "biased". As long he doesn't break any of the other rules/guidelines he is free to keep posting as much as he wants, we apprecciate well thought feedback.

9. vCoH

This isn't, vCoH is not in the first place a balanced game, so basing arguments on what happens on vCoH is not possible here. The meta-game in EIRR is too different fom vCoH to make any comparison.

9. Thread Titles

All threads posted in the balance forum must be titled correctly with the issue you wish to discuss and the faction it relates to, for example:

[CW] Sapper Minesweeper
[US] Riflemen Sticky Bombs
[ALL] Infantry pricing

All this rules/guidelines are just an extent from the Game Behaviour Guidelines and the Forum Guidelines.

If you break some of this rules, as some of them may indeed be based on a subjective point of view, I'll notify you before sending a warning. If you keep up ignoring what me or any other member of the staff humbly asks you, we aren't asking nothing more but a mature community here, you'll be dealt with sadly.

To succeed in the balance forum you will have to follow all the rules, failure to follow these rules will see you removed from the balance issue forums until such a time when you have matured to the level of a civilised adult. We want to foster discussions that we can gather information easily from, the quality of threads now makes that difficult.

This thread is going to be treat as if you have read it. If you have not, then that is your own fault because we are not here to baby sit you. No user can claim I didn't know.

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