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Author Topic: How to avoid having your thread locked in the balance forum  (Read 3537 times)
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Smokaz Offline
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« on: July 03, 2014, 08:15:22 pm »

What a monkey can understand given time and training:

- Don't flame other posters
- Don't derail the thread with offtopic
- Don't hate on coders/devs
- Don't post retarded pictures

Classic pathological EIRR balance forum flamebait that you shouldn't do:

- Don't discredit other posters because they are not "good enough" as a player, point out the flaw in their play, not the player. This leads to flaming and the plummeting of a thread.

- How much people play is not up for you or me to decide whether or not qualifies to having a opinion.

This is a small community and every man, woman and deformed hobgoblin counts.

- "You only play noobs/stacks", no no no no no.

If you disagree, then make the rules more lenient by applying the mod leadership for the evil nazi moderation to stop.  Don't smoke weed while you are working for legalization. Until somebody opposes these to me pretty constructive rules, respect them.

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