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Author Topic: Patch R039  (Read 1684 times)
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« on: June 02, 2018, 02:06:33 pm »

1 - Reward units
   Jeep; Hunter-Killer
      - Jeep clone w. an M20 RR on it.
         - M20 is an RR w. +0.34 pen. at all ranges.
         - +5 m range on the M20--40 m, same as tanks.
      - 200 MP, 40 FU, 3 pop.
      - 6 XP/model loss.
      - Icon and portrait: Jeep w. RR.
      - Rarity: Legendary (Platinum).
   Name: Hunter-Killer Jeep
   Desc: Jeep w. RR; 40 m range (base 35 m). For US only.

   M2 "Goon Gun" (Hvy. Mortar)
      - Heavy mortar w. 5-man crew. Vs. US mortar: +20 m range, Howie AoE, leaves satchel craters that provide H cover. Can fire a WP barrage.
         - WP barrage deals 20 dmg. (same as default weapon) and has PE Inc. mortar DoT. Creates a Defensive Smoke cloud.
      - 1 XP/model loss.
      - New icon: Mortar icon w. "4.2-inch" written on it.
      - Rarity: Legendary (Platinum).
   Name: M2 "Goon Gun"
   Desc: Heavy mortar w. 5-man crew. Vs. US mortar: +20 m range, Howie AoE, leaves satchel craters that provide H cover. Can fire a WP barrage. For US only.
   Icon: Sheet 89, no. 29.

   Medical Jeep (Healing)
      - Unarmed Jeep w. WC54 lockdown aura (10 m range, 1.92 HP/s regen).
         - Lockdown also spawns 2x medics that will collect wounded owned/allied infantry models (a-la vCoH). After 8 bodies are collected, a 4-man Rear Echelon squad will be spawned.
         - REs are a 4-man Rifleman squad w. standard M1 Carbines. Near-useless for combat, but they can pad your DPS and recrew things. Cannot cap.
      - 150 MP, 80 MU, 50 FU, 2 pop.
      - 6 XP/model loss
   Name: Medical Jeep
   Desc: Jeep w. WC54 healing toggle. 2x medics spawn a 4-man squad per 8 recovered bodies. For US only.
   Icon: Card 91, no. 74.

WM and PE:
   sdKfz 251/7 "Piotrack"; Lehr (Repairs/LATHT)
      - 251 HT w. modified LATHT gun: +0.5 acc. vs. all infantry target types, -15 dmg. (base 45), +0.15 pen. at all ranges.
      - Has modified vCoH Rudimentary Repair ability: 1.5 HP/s repair rate (vCoH 2.25 HP/s); no recharge or cooldown, unlimited uses, no activation required.
      - May repair itself.
      - Cost set at 300 MP, 5 pop.
      - 8 XP/model loss.
      - Icon and portrait: 251 HT icon w. repair wrench.
      - Rarity: Legendary (Platinum).
   Name: Piopanzerwagen
   Desc: 251 HT w. modded LATHT gun (+0.5 acc. vs. inf, -15 dmg., +0.15 pen.) and nerfed repair ability (1.5 HP/s). Can repair itself. For WM and PE.
   Icon: Card 91, no. 37.

1 - M8 Scott
   Now has the Self Repair ability.

2 - Tank Telephones
   Now functions properly.

CW Inf:
1 - 3-inch SP M10
   Now unlocked w. the selection of Royal Artillery.
   100% US M10 clone.

2 - Discarding Sabot
   3-inch SP M10 gains FF target tables (via new squad; 17-pounder SP M10 "Achilles").

3 - Improved Gunnery
   Incr. acc. bonus (BREN LMG) decreased from 0.025 to 0.015.
   Now grants a 2x acc. bonus vs. Bike, HT, P-47, and Puma armor types (BREN).

4 - Pom Pom
   Bofors, BREN LMG, and Vickers now gain +5 m range.
   BREN LMG may now target aircraft.

WM Arm
1 - Reloading Techniques
   Now effects JP4, KT, and P4J.

1 - KT
   FX when HEAT is selected now functions properly.

2 - Unbreakable
   Healing aura healrate was erroneously nerfed to 0.03 HP/s. This has been corrected and raised to the intended 0.3 HP/s.

Panzer Elite
PE Mob
1 - 8,8 cm Pak 43
   Now unlocked with the selection of Field Support.
   60 m KT gun.
   Massive 8-man crew of Luftwaffe Infanterie models.
   Pitiful 1 m/s speed; may be transported by Opel Blitz trucks (the 80 MP, 10 FU ones).
   Cost set at 745 MP, 280 MU. 10 pop.
   Requires a minimum of 4 men to recrew--will "eat" an entire PG squad, leaving no spare man to go capping with.

PE Arm
1 - Panzergrenadiere
   New visual model; skin selectable via the in-game reward menu.


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I want to ensure we have a 100% decision on the process before we do the wipe.
If not, then I wipe, then someone gets something they shouldn't, then it gets abused, then the shit hits the fan and then I ban shab.

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« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2018, 02:31:27 am »

Great job, keep working
This mod only needs more publicity
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