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Author Topic: Getting your map added to Europe in Ruins - Update  (Read 4656 times)
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« on: January 01, 2013, 05:26:41 pm »

In order to have your map featured, and added to the Europe in Ruins autoupdater for everyone to download, your map must meet a number of criteria. There's two types of criteria, basic and advanced criteria. Ultimately maps will need to meet both if they are to remain featured in the modification. Once maps meet the basic criteria however, they can already be added to the auto updater for large scale playtesting. This is considered the 'BETA' stage of a map and will last no more than 1 month. During or at the end of this beta period, the map is evaluated. The map author(s) will be notified whether or not changes have to be made and will be given time to produce an updated version. Obviously they are still free to update the map even if the Map team lead does not deem any changes necessary.

If the map does not receive an update within a reasonable timeframe, or the updated version is not satisfactory, the map can be removed from the auto-updater until a satisfactory update is produced. Maps that do not generate a reasonable amount of plays within a larger time frame (i.e a minimum of 2 months) may also be put up for (temporarily) removal, even if all criteria are met.

Basic criteria:

- Map must be created, or modified, with EIR gameplay in mind. (Proper sector layout, no base-building areas, etc)
- Map must be in a playable and relatively completed state. (I.e Having a part of the map still 'empty' is unacceptable)
- Map must have been playtested at least once
- Map must have a loading screen, a map preview image and a proper ingame name. (For example Abbeville (6) instead of 6p_Abbeville).
- Map should have a proper atmosphere setting (i.e not the basic WBs or something similar, taking a Relic map preset is advised)
- Map needs to meet a minimum standard of quality in terms of appearance. (Usage of Splats, splines and sufficient level of detailing)
- Map names must keep within the theme of Coh. Silly names like '6p sup' or '6p frontline ville' are not acceptable....put some thought into your names.

Advanced criteria:

- Map needs to meet Relic like quality in both gameplay (i.e proper pathing, cover usage, etc) and appearance. (See Relic or popular EIR maps for reference)
- Map needs to have generated a reasonable amount of plays, i.e it needs to have garnered a minimum level of support within the community. (Fully completed maps that no one wants to play may still be removed)
- Map needs to be fully finalised.
- Map needs to offer various weather settings

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« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2013, 07:02:04 pm »

Your map must be in SGA format and contain the following files to have it added to our map base. Maps with out all of these options will NOT be added.

Part 1:

 - Create a new temporary folder, wherever you want, we suggest your desktop for easy access. We'll call ours "tempmap" (name is not important). This folder is just to temporarily hold the map files and  it can be deleted afterwards.

 - Create the following file structure inside the tempmap folder

  -> Scenerios
    -> MP

Part 2:

NEVER move your map files - always copy them or they may get corrupted.

- Locate your map files. They will be at MyGames\Companyofheroes\ww2\Data\Scenarios\MP
- Copy your files and paste them into the 'tempmap' folder in the 'MP' folder. Your 'tempmap' folder should look like this with these files:

  -> Scenerios
    -> MP
          -> 'yourmap'.info
          -> 'yourmap'.sgb
          -> 'yourmap'.mm.tga
          -> 'yourmap'.tml.tga
          -> 'yourmap'.scar
          -> 'yourmap'.options             Tutorial Here
          -> 'yourmap'.tga
          -> 'yourmap'_map_base.tga    Tutorial Here
          -> 'yourmap'_map_slots.tga    Tutorial Here

The 'yourmap'.tga file is your loading screen shot. Take a screen shot of your map, edit it as you want and save as a tga. The image must be 2134 x 1200 for it to scale appropriately on screen.

Part 3:

- Open Corsix
- Select Option: Load Single SGA Archive
Locate: THQ\CompanyofHeroes\WW2\Archives
- Select WW2Data.sga
- At the top of the screen, select 'Tools' and double click the 'SGA Packer' icon.

Input Directory:      Browse and select your 'tempmap' folder
SGA to Create:      MyGames\Companyofheroes\ww2\Data\Scenarios\MP   (or where ever it is easy for you to find)
TOC name:            Data

Send us the newly created SGA for addition to the Eir map list.

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