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Over 3000 lines of SCAR split into 7 different files... ...Read More
We've changed the system yet again, welcome to platoons.

Each of your companies, will be able to be broken down into 48 different platoons or groups of units that you can call in quickly with the command panel. These platoons will be defined by you on our website in the company administration panel. This is how your units will get into the battle once it starts. You decide which platoons you want, when you want them. You are only limited by our population cap and the platoon creation rules.

Each platoon must have a minimum of 10 pop cap and can have a maximum of 40 pop cap. The maximum population cap in game at one time is 50. Using only these parameters and your 48 platoons, you should be able to create and group your forces just like you want.

Platoons can be grouped into 6 pre-named categories accessed by your F1 - F6 keys in game. You may have up to 8 platoons in each category or group for as many as 48 platoons. The 8 platoons are access by the following keys: q w e r a s d f. This allows you super quick access to all of your platoons. In addition, the platoon's contents will be dynamically available to you if you hover your mouse over them.

This new system should give you better control of your companies and units in each and every battle and allow you to call in specific groupings of units when you need them. For example, you could have a platoon of 'clean-up' units that come in after you feel like you've secured victory to mop up whats left and gain the experience to make them battle hardened for future battles.
I wanted to make a quick post on the benefits of using a web-based system to purchase and buy units and abilities as well as using the web-based system to control doctrines and other features. This is one of the main benefits Europe In Ruins has over other modifications, other than the whole persistency and grand war thing (assuming you're into that). ...Read More
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