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Author Topic: Addressing the viability of medium armour  (Read 45718 times)
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3rdCondor Offline
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« Reply #200 on: March 31, 2012, 04:02:52 pm »

if u are forced to play with less m10s and more shermans, most players gonna shift to axis i guess. Shermans are very weak against tiger panther and jagdpanther.

I've seen a lot of posts that talk about Tank Destroyers/Heavy tanks. I chose this post for no real reason except for the comment about producing more shermans than m10s. You have to remember that shermans aren't tank destroyers. Shermans CAN fight tanks... but shouldn't. Medium armor isn't for fighting other tanks. It's supposed to be used for medium armor stuff and some light vehicle/occasional medium tank engagement. The sherman is the best example to use. Shermans are fine because they're cheap, fully upgradable, and capable of engaging various types of armor. The effectiveness is debatable, but most people will agree not to engage heavier armor with shermans... or even engage medium armor with shermans (but if you have to, they won't completely suck). Shermans are those guys that blow away inf and support weapons, and should be supported with at... we all know this.

My only concern is the panzer IV because it isn't good enough in that "occasional medium tank engagement" part that I mentioned earlier. Sure players shouldn't buy medium tanks just to kill other tanks, but it should at least.... not suck, right? Most of us remember the days where p4s ruled the skies, but maybe some simple change (like a cost reduction), would at least buff some confidence in purchasing them (instead of damage buffs). I don't think that the p4 is a completely terrible tank, but it does tend to fall into the suck department vs medium tanks (like I said before, they shouldn't COMPLETELY suck vs medium armor). If it were a little bit cheaper on fuel, I would probably shut up about it. Most players like myself only really buy them for starts, and then just rely on panthers. I would love to have it cheap enough so that it would become a decent choice for a serious armor build. They're pretty easy to kill to if you make a mistake, so allies probably wouldn't complain either.
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TheVolskinator Offline
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« Reply #201 on: March 31, 2012, 05:16:03 pm »

If TD price goes up, their performance should too.

Seeing a TD should be scary shit that makes you stop and think for a second. It shouldn't be another part of the zerg swarm. Make them expensive, but make them fuck tanks up. Losing one should be a loss well felt, not a case of lulz, I'll just pull another of my 6 in reserve.

This answers the thread. Losing a dedicated TD is "lolk, time to delve into the reserve of The Horde". Losing a Sherman is "shittttttttttt I only have 3 of these left". The ONLY reason I use upgun shermans over TDs is because they can kite infantry and throw a spare shell or two into the fray from behind the wall of my teammate's TDs. The Sherman can afford to soak a hit or two, but I rarely see mine return their cost, even if they're extremely well used in a fashion of utmost efficiency.

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« Reply #202 on: April 03, 2012, 12:40:12 am »

The Sherman can afford to soak a hit or two, but I rarely see mine return their cost, even if they're extremely well used in a fashion of utmost efficiency.

I agree with that part. Theres a lot of complaints about p4s, but i rarely rarely rarely see a Sherman (76or 75) actually do a good job. To slow, to weak, to big a target.
But i do see p4s perform outstandingly.  that one lone p4 sent to the ATGs does get owned pretty well, especially from the rear. but 3 of them seem to steam roll its way through anything. Awesome AI capabilities mixed in with great pen and power. Ever since this whole p4 sucks thing popped up ive literally been seeing more and more p4s on the field kick ass.
I would like it if the l33t players start using sherman "spams" more or even once.  So i can see if there is a sherman tactic at all. Oh ya jumbos dont count.

Hicks58 Offline
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« Reply #203 on: April 03, 2012, 10:41:35 am »

I've used Shermans, and as long as you keep them away from the more mobile sources of AT such as Panthers, Marders, 50mm ATHT's and the likes... They'll rack up an impressive amount of infantry kills and scratch off a LV or two if the enemy fields them.

Keep one behind an ATG as bait for it and watch the zerg swarm of inf come into your waiting 75mm and .50cal then commence lulz while your ATG backs off and your Sherman wreaks havoc until the AT turns up.

Oh, and upgunning has no real noticeable effect on splash unless you happen to being up against masses of Volks. The short and medium range splash remain the same after being upgunned - The area where most of the damage is dealt.

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